Yesterday Once More

- Community Concert Series -

Thursday, October 26, 2023 | 7:30 pm

Karen Carpenter Tribute

“Yesterday Once More” was a hit song for The Carpenters from their 1973 album Now & Then. The lyrics thoughtfully reminisce about songs of the past, and the memories brought forth from hearing them. Joanne O’Brien and her velvety voice, bring the sounds of the 1970s through the music of Karen Carpenter, and the sounds that inspired so many. Through a cavalcade of iconic classics, Joanne illuminates the musical diversity, pop culture, and political climate of that time in history when the world first fell in love with the magical sound of Karen and Richard Carpenter.

For tickets, call the Butte Community Concert Association at 406-498-1467 or 406-723-3822.

Yesterday Once More