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The All Hands On Deck Show

— Mother Lode Series Event —

Sunday, March 6, 2022 | 2:00 p.m.

Swing, Big Bands, and the Music of the 1940’s! Experience a time when our nation was fully united – with an authentic Big Band Roadshow & Radio Broadcast – the songs, dances and laughs America has loved for over 70 years! Our award-winning homage to the days of Bob Hope and war-bond drives features Broadway Veterans Jody Madaras and Valerie Hill, a cast of New York voices, the rich sounds of the LIVE Hollywood Victory Caravan Big Band Orchestra, toe-tapping American songs, heart-warming harmonies, Broadway-style tap dancing, rousing on-air fun, classic radio commercials, sing-along excitement, and 42 of the greatest American songs ever written — not to mention a full-circle patriotic salute to the American way of life. Come celebrate America with The ALL HANDS ON DECK Show!.

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