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Mother Lode Series

There are no Mother Lode Series events at this time.

The Mother Lode Series has hosted plays, musicals, tributes, and more for over 20 years.

Subscribers to the series get discounted tickets as well as first choice of seating the following season.

Subscribing simply means buying a package. One package equals one ticket per show, keeping the same seat for all shows. Full-series subscribers pay a discounted price on all tickets, whereas partial-series subscribers pay full price for one ticket and a discounted price on the remaining tickets.

In addition, each year, package sales open with a three-week subscribers-only sales period in which the previous year’s subscribers have the option to renew their previous seats or choose new seats. After this period, all remaining reservations are released and sales opened to the general public.

Tickets may also be bought for individual shows without subscribing.

Box Office: 406-723-3602