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Rent the Theatre

Rates and Policies

The Mother Lode Theatre can accommodate many different events. Past events include local, regional, and national music and dance recitals; lectures; ceremonies; and other for-profit and nonprofit events.

We welcome your interest and questions! If you would like further information, including our rental rates, capacities, and calendar availability, please call us at 406-723-3602.

For more thorough technical specifications and layouts, please contact Joe Brown at 406-723-3602.

Theatre Access

Loading Doors

Mother Lode Theatre Loading Dock Photo

  • The loading doors for both scenery and costumes are from the west side of the theatre (Washington Street). Washington Street has a slope of approximately 8 percent.
  • Scenery load-in door: 8’x10′ and 9′ above street pavement.
  • A hydraulic platform lift, 7’6″ x 10′ @ 3,000 lbs. capacity is used to load from street level or truck bed to stage level. Only theatre personnel are authorized to operate hydraulic lift. The load-in area will be barricaded and as free as possible of snow and obstacles prior to load-in.
  • Parking is limited around the theatre. Trucks and buses must either be relocated or parallel parked after load-in.
  • Dressing room load-in access is from street level under the hydraulic lift.
  • Street level access to the ballroom in the basement of the theatre (Galena Street-south of theatre) is available for staging, wardrobe or symphony instruments depending on requirements of production and availability of ballroom.

Stage and Rigging


  • Hardwood floor, over 1 1⁄2″ “sleepers.”
  • Traditional proscenium 3⁄4 stage.
  • Proscenium opening 41’9″
  • Proscenium height 25′
  • Plaster line to back wall 27’9″ max SL – 23’9″ min SR (back wall angles)
  • Plaster line to last US line set 20’10”
  • Plaster line to apron edge 36″
  • Max. depth w/pit cover 35’9″ @ center line
  • SR wing (unobstructed) 15′
  • SL wing (unobstructed) 19′
  • Wing height 21’6″
  • Plaster line to FOH bridge 48′ @ approximately 45 degrees

Soft Goods/Hanging Goods

  • Masking Legs (4 pair)
  • Masking Borders (4)
  • Full Black (1)
  • White Cyclorama (1)
  • Red Valence, Dead Hung (1)
  • Red Act Curtain, Travel/Guillotine (1)
  • Movie Screen 36’w x 18’h (1)

Orchestra Pit

Orchestra pit has a removable cover to increase downstage area. Pit is equipped with 6 dimmable and 6 house duplex A/C outlets. Orchestra pit has a fixed floor (non-hydraulic). Will accommodate approximately 20 musicians. Adjacent to the pit are 2 removable platforms (cover downstage access steps) at stage level that add 72 square feet of performance area.

  • Stage abutment length 34’7″
  • Min. depth each side 4’10”
  • Max. depth in center 8’11”
  • Pit floor to stage floor 4′

Fly System

  • Pro Tech double purchase cwt/8″ arbors
  • Number of line sets 26
  • Number of available sets 20
  • Line centers 8″
  • Batten length 50′
  • Batten height gridded 50′
  • Safe load 1600 lb./line set
  • Operating dock height SR 23′ access by caged ladder.
  • Loading dock height SR 40′ access by caged ladder.
  • Available weight 7800 lbs.
  • Grand valence (red w/gold fringe) is dead hung and cannot be adjusted. It is 20′ from stage floor at its lowest point. Road fly loft operators will be briefed by house TD prior to operation of rigging system.
  • Grid height from stage is 60′
Line # Distance from P-line Use Remarks
1 1’6″ Act Curtain Traveler or guillotine
2 2’2″ Movie screen 36’w x 18’h
3 2’10” Open
4 3’6″ Open *See note
5 4’2″ 1st electric Raceway-Nonremovable
6 4’10” Open *See note
7 5’6″ Open
8 6’2″ Open
9 6’10” Open
10 8’10” 2nd electric Raceway-Nonremovable
11 9’8″ Open *See note
12 10’2″ Open
13 10’10” Open
14 11’6″ Open
15 12’2″ Open *See note
16 12’10” 3rd electric Raceway-Nonremovable
17 13’6″ Open *See note
18 14’2″ Open
19 14’10” Open
20 15’6″ Open
21 17’6″ 4th electric Raceway-Nonremovable
22 18’2″ Open *See note
23 18’10” Open
24 19’6″ Open
25 20’2″ Open
26 20’10” Open

*Note: Due to spacing criteria, certain battens will bump the adjacent electric. There are 3 sets of “bumpers” for electrics to minimize the hanging up on nearby battens. It is not recommended hanging anything that needs to be brought in and out during a performance (particularly if done fast) on these battens. Drops, drapes, legs and borders can be removed or rearranged to suit show requirements. Grand drape, movie screen and electrics are NON- REMOVEABLE ASSETS. Early pre-planning of fly schedule is recommended for safe rigging. House TD has final authority on hanging schedule.

Lighting and Sound


Control and Dimming
Control console–ETC Element located in control pit at bottom of mezzanine. There is a DMX dry line between the console position and backstage left.

Dimming–ETC Sensor racks. There are approximately 180 dimmers available (48 on FOH bridge, 132 onstage).

Road Service Power
400A 3-phase 120/210V located in the downstage left wing. Tie-in interface is bare tails. (NOTE: The theatre does not possess tails or Cam-Lok connectors.)

Fixture Inventory
ETC Source 3 Ellipsoidal (575w Halogen)

  • 4 ea. 10 degree
  • 9 ea. 19 degree
  • 38 ea. 26 degree
  • 14 ea. 36 degree
  • 11 ea. 50 degree
  • 29 ea. Altman 6″ Fresnel 750w
  • 5 ea. 4 cell Altman Sky Cyc 1500w
  • 6 ea. PAR 64



    • JBL SRX Speakers (Proscenium mounted–2 per side)
    • Crown Macrotech 1200 Amplifiers (3)
      NOTE: These drive the theatre’s PA.

Front of House (FOH)

  • Monster Power Pro 900 Power Conditioner (1)
  • Williams Sound FM Auditory Assistance Transmitter (1)
  • Williams Sound FM Auditory Assistance Receivers w/Earphones (16)

Road Service Power

NOTE: The theatre does not possess tails or Cam-Lok connectors.

Additional Theatre Equipment

  • 9′ Baldwin Concert Grand Piano owned by Butte Community Concert Association (inquire at theatre for permission to use)
  • 50 Manhasset Music Stands and 50 black padded chairs
  • Full-Size Podium
  • One 300 lb. Genie Personnel Lift (36′ working height)
  • Theatre has a washer and dryer on site.

Dressing Rooms

  • There are two (2) dressing rooms one floor below stage that will accommodate 10 people comfortably. Each room is equipped with 10 lighted mirrors, showers, lavatories, water cooler, and communication with stage manager and show sound piped in. There are no “star” dressing rooms.
  • Green room adjacent to the women’s dressing room may be used as a VIP dressing room for small receptions or for greeting guests. Adjacent to the green room is a small, private lavatory. Dressing rooms are accessible from stairs off SL or SR. Hallway may be used for crossovers under the stage if necessary.
  • The Orphan Girl Theatre may also be available for warm-up, staging, or serve as extra dressing areas, if scheduling permits. Dressing rooms, green room, and hall doors are lockable.